Sound insulation (in situ)

Facade sound insulation

Noise testing

Industial noise testing

Impact noise testing (in situ)

Room acoustic parameter testing

Equipment  sound  power testing

Prognoses of Sound propagation

Prediction of room acoustic parameters and designing acoustic finishing

Electro-acoustics equipment testing

Material properties testing in impedance tube

Road element acoustic parameter testing






       “R & D Akustika” Ltd. was founded in 1993 on basis of former state JSC “Radiotehnika” acoustic department, which was developing, testing and putting into production new loudspeakers and acoustic systems during the Soviet era.

          Activities of certified experts of the company are related to room sound system development and installation, providing technical consultations in acoustics, wide range acoustic measurements and predictions, evaluation, decreasing and rating of noise propagation.

        In addition the company is designing, manufacturing, measuring high-quality acoustical systems and integrating them into room interior, undertaking qualitative repairs of electro-acoustical system components.

        “R & D Akustika” Ltd. has created accredited laboratory, which has modern equipment for measuring noise, which are calibrated and maintained on regular basis according to ISO LVS 17025 requirements. Each year the range of equipment is enlarged and upgraded, which allow the company to carry out larger and more complicated tasks connected to testing and measuring environmental noise, room acoustic parameters, materials and structures. That allows “R &D Akustika” Ltd. to independently implement the full cycle of acoustic parameter prognostication, testing and evaluation for new acoustics projects or in reconstruction of completed projects. One of the best software in the world for prognostication of room and building acoustic parameters, environmental noise, electro-acoustical system parameters is in company disposal.



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