Administration of  LAA      
    Without a successfull  management there can't be any good organization.                

Members of LAA    
                            Everybody with a  professional interest to work
in any acoustics is invited to get a member of the LAA.


      Buildings Acoustics
                             Room (architectural) acoustics, construction’s  sound insulation  
                              and noise reduction of a building engineering constructions, as
                                                  well as research, prediction and design of a building.

    Acoustical system and loudspeaker design and,  maintenance,

                                room, broadcasting with sound,  installations,                                                        electroacoustical  measurements.  


 Enviromental noise
                                                       Environmental noise is one of the most significant  
                               unfavorable  factor which arouses the human discomfort, stress,

                                helth problems  and sickness. It even may result in disablement.

The documents, verifying qualification of the experts




                                  LAA provides the additional education for the Bachelors and
                             graduated specialists, organize and takes part in a seminars and
                                                       series of lectures in the  various fields of acoustics.
                                       LAA bulletins, abstracts, papers, patents.

         Normative acts                
               Inculcation of standards, standardization comities, normative values.

                                                         Meaning references.